Corporate Team Building Programs

Team building is an integral part of the business coaching services. It is important that teams work as one in the achievement of goals and solving of challenges that the organization faces. The synergies that come with concentrating efforts on one activity makes the activities easier and faster to complete.


How your organization can benefit from our corporate team building programs

Team building coaching programs will help:

business team building
  • Create a growth culture and enhance the success of your teams through inspiration, motivation, and leadership
  • Team building processes strengthens the foundation of your team. In addition, the team performance is enhanced through the improvement of cooperation, communication, and improving the trust among the members.
  • Through our team-building programs, your team discovers new ways of unleashing the contributions of the team to achieve your company’s critical priorities. This results in a positive impact on the organization and a more organized and aligned team.
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why our team building programs and ideas are unique & how they work

In teamwork building programs, leaders are facilitated through different leadership styles training to help improve teamwork among their employees. Moreover, the barriers to good teamwork are identified, and corrective actions are taken to overcome challenges.

 We focus on APPLIED team building, that makes it is easier to understand each individual’s communication and behavior style as well as the impact on the team dynamics. Moreover, each member of the team is empowered to express himself or herself with greater confidence. A good expression of ideas and thoughts is important especially when the company is brainstorming solutions.

Team building is not a one-off activity. It is done continuously and regularly to enhance the cohesiveness of teams at the workplace. We assist in coming up with a range of activities that are bespoke/ suitable for given teams in the organization. We understand each team in the organization has different needs from the other. Therefore, our team building programs need to be tailored towards the specific needs of each team. 


now 2 in 1: indoor & outdoor corporate team building events with coaching available

outdoor corporate team building activities

Our team building events are energy boosting, fun and a good time for employees to bond. The challenges that are created in the events also spur the employees to think on their feet and improve their abilities to brainstorm solutions. The activities include rope courses, races and hunts, indoor activities, construction challenges as well as other experiences, with the focus being on applied learning throughout.


Examples of our corporate team building programs

 Executive retreats

There are team-building activities that focus exclusively on the executive and management teams. These activities extensively aid into building high levels of trust, communication, focus, and energy in meeting the company’s priorities head on. The result of the executive team building activities is a stronger executive team, stronger bond among the members and more united approach in driving the organization forward.


 Team assessments

 As a part of the team building activities, we believe that it is important to look at the team and identify the issues that impact on its cohesiveness. Our team consultants come up with powerful needs assessment processes and quantitative team measurement tools to evaluate the performance of the team and strategies to help shift team behaviors and attitudes to achieve optimal performance. The use of Insights Discovery Psychometric Profiling is key to our team effective programs.


 Charitable events

One of the ways that we help the team members grow together is by giving back to the society. We help the management identify problems in the community around it and ways they can assist while at the same time building teams in the organizations. In essence, the organization hits two birds with one stone. It achieves its CSR while the same time creates cohesive teams.

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Why working with us:

  • We use unique methodology based on Discovery Insights methodology & developed especially for business and management team building
  • Excellent results in corporate and business team building - references available on request.
  • Over 15 years of experience in business coaching and team building.
  • Highly effective Discovery Insights tools that are ideal for team building and enhancing group communication at work.


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