Unique 2143 Strategic Thinking and Planning Model 

So, let us introduce you to the concept of 2143... our proprietary model we use with individuals, teams and organisations to get them thinking about personal, team and company strategic thinking and planning. 

It is colourful, memorable and easy to apply to any goal setting and thinking process, namely, what it is one wants to "Be, Do and Have" in a number of years time.  For the 'observant, clever clogs' amongst you, it is obviously made up of four stages, one, two, three and four, however, arranged in a sequence 2, 1, 4 and 3. Like all imagery and logos, there is a hidden message in its design.  

the concept: a map to help you plan the journey & reach your destination

We are all on a journey of sorts so, consider the logo as a roadmap and you are looking down on that map with four stages on your journey, moving from left to right or West to East.  

1: the 'now'

business planning road map

Example, it could be, say, San Francisco to Washington D.C., Perth to Sydney, or on your own personal or career journey, where you are now, to where you want to arrive in X years time. 

Simply start at stage1, also known as "The NOW", in other words, where you are right now, today.  

Let's continue with the analogy of San Francisco to Washington DC journey. Right now, today you have been travelling, drifting possibly, aiming East and have found yourself in wonderful Denver!  

In fact, you may never want to leave Denver and are totally fulfilled and happy that you have reached your destination. However, if you are dreaming of heading to Washington, DC, you have lots more travelling to do.  

Diagnosing and asking hard questions about where you are now and whether you do want to move on East, is the first step. In corporate terms, it is about staff surveys, client service surveys, benchmarking against the competition, asking ourselves "knowing what we now know, what would we stop doing, start doing or continue because we are good at it". Like all good medical doctors and consultants, doing the diagnosis before the prescription is key. 

By the way, it is coloured blue, as, in psychometric profiling terms, this is a very cold analytical, questioning and dispassionate energy. Feel the chill of asking hard questions, the facts!  

So what is step 2?  

2: The past

This is the process of looking back on the journey that you have taken already, San Francisco to Denver. This is "The PAST" and why do you look back?  

It's to firstly accept that there is little one can do about what has gone on in the past and, also, to be kind to oneself; more importantly, it is about learning and making sure that one does not repeat mistakes of the past 

Many individuals and organisations make the same mistakes over and over and over, hoping to get a different result and fail to learn...whatEinstein once said was "the definition of insanity".  

We use the colour green as the past is something one has to accept, it is non-threatening. You may have taken the green "scenic" route in your personal career and business life, so be kind to yourself. Just reflect, look back, don't blame and learn from those mistakes.  

Also learn from the opportunities that you did take and that has brought you along the journey. Sometimes it requires a rekindling and remembering of past successes to help you on the next leg of the itinerary.  

3: the 'future'

Step 3 is where where it gets interesting...and where the rubber hits the road! Step 3 is "the FUTURE".  

Back to our journey analogyif Washington DC is still where I want to get to, then one sets sights on that destination...any ONLY hat destinationHowever, ask yourself if that is where you still truly desire.  

If it's Chicago or Miami, then the journey from Denver is going to be completely different route 

What we regularly find with individuals and teams and organisations is that lack of clarity about where one is heading is a real issue. Very often people come in and do the same thing every day without cognisance and awareness of why they're doing it and where they are heading.  

So, ask yourself what is it that I want to "be and do and have" in X years time. If you don't know what your major definite purpose is and what is your ultimate goal, then you need to spend time thinking about this. It will not be time wasted so make the finding of your goal, your goal. 

Yellow is a bright, sunshine, motivational colour. Step 3 requires you to put your inspiration hat on, dreaming about where it is you want to get to. Close your eyes and think about the future, hopefully it is yellow, it is bright, it's cheery.  

The future should get you up in the morning and excited about the day ahead. If you have always dreamt about Washington DC, set your sights now with 100% clarity and make a decision that this is where you are headed. What's your Washington D.C? 

4: the 'how' 

 Now let's fill in the final piece of the jigsaw, Step 4. The is "the HOW". We have established that we are in Denver and we are heading for Washington, agreed? Yes 

So, we now know the journey we need to take. It should be somewhat clear, not exactly however we know it's over there (pointing to the east), not north or south! Roughly Kansas to Cincinnati to Pittsburgh? You decide!  

Why 2143: Putting it all together  

We know the staging points between both cities, so start applying this to your personal and business lives. These are the actions that you take now that will get you to where you wish to head. You now have a purpose and goal, (mission and vision if you want to use thoseawful terms).  

So, get going, start doing and begin creating momentum. Once you do, you and your goal achieving will come unstoppable! Goals will come faster with focus and concentration and of course, No. 1, CLARITY.   

Most individuals and businesses who do not achieve goals, fail because they have not had clarity of where they were going in the first place. We witness plenty of action, hard work, dedication and long days and nights, even sweat and tears and, sadly, often to little avail.  

Why? Because they have jumped into step 4 without considering step 3.  

Red is an action colour. It is dynamic, it is fiery and direct , it has "just do it" and can-do attitudes to it.  

Once you get going, it is hard to stop. Think fire engines, think Ferrari... It is not a coincidence that these are the colours they are!  


So, think and apply 2143 in your personal, career and business life and watch what happens!