Conflict Management at a Workplace

Conflict is inevitable in any given organization. This is because everyone has his or her ways of seeing things, perceptions and opinions on the best way to move the organization forward. The needs and the goals can clash and as a result conflict can arise. Conflict is not a bad thing...The positive aspect of conflict is that at least the issue comes to the surface rather than being brushed under the carpet. However, companies must have mechanisms in place to resolve it effectively and eliminate any hidden problem that may have been behind the flare-up. Sometimes conflict can also be very damaging especially when it results in personal dislike, a breakdown of the team and loss of talent when people disengage from the work and leave their position. This is why your organization must prepare managers for preventing and dealing with small and big conflicts at work.


why conflict management skills matters:


Better team cohesion

The team leaders are empowered to resolve the conflict effectively to help develop stronger mutual respect among the team members, renewed energy, and faith in the ability to work together as a team. Ability to impact self-knowledge on the feuding members. Team leaders are empowered and coached in conflict resolution/mediation skills to help each of the members involved in the conflict examine their goals and expectation with a closer look.They also develop applied skills to facilitate the parties understanding things that are more important to them at the moment and find ways to enhance their effectiveness


Benefits of conflict management in organizations

prevent and manage a conflict at work

Conflict management programs are closely linked to other coaching a ctivities that include team building, performance coaching, and other forms of business coaching. Conflict management can be linked and interwoven into a general team development training programme. A company that is able to positively manage conflict experience higher productivity, cohesive teams, and a strong company culture. By participating in our conflict management course, you empower your managers to positively manage one of the great er challenges in their management responsibilities


How we can help:


Training on management styles

conflict at work resolution

Sometimes conflicts can be magnified by poor management styles where employees feel that their needs and voices are not heard. Such organizations lack a proper communication structure where grievances can be channeled and assistance provided. We coach the managers on ways to encourage communication among the team members as well as to the managers. In addition, team managers are taken through a variety of ways that they can manage conflicts and ways to determine the best way to handle a given problem. In some cases management development will also be introduced in the event the manager needs further development. They are facilitated to look for observable facts in any given case, how to review the facts with both parties and ways to explore options with the feuding parties. They learn to listen and be open to options rather than stick to a rigid method of delivering their opinions on the matters at hand.


Self-development training

Moreover, the managers are taken on a journey on ways to develop their stature at the company

and create respect for their team members so  that members feel at peace and satisfied to have their conflicts mediated by the said managers. In addition, they are trained on the importance of being impartial and required levels of confidence depending on the case at hand. Impartiality and confidence are the cornerstones of trust and respect to the decisions reached by both parties.

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why choose us:

  • We have extensive experience in conflict resolution and mediation

  • Our accredited civil and commercial mediators offer conflict management training that is tailored to the specific needs of companies.

  • We focus on prevention, engagement and work through methods of resolution without disfranchising any party or loss of self-esteem.

    Our conflict management training is focused on achieving the following goals:

  • Increased understanding: the training helps managers understand different people’s awareness and give them insight how they can help others achieve their goals without undermining others.

  • We also use Insights Discovery Profiling (psychometric testing/personality profiling) to understand differing temperaments and reactions to conflict.