Corporate Coaching and Training Programs

Take your business to the next level with quality business coaching solutions.

financial planning programs for executives

We offer corporate coaching solutions in a variety of areas to ensure growth, scalability profitability, team building , leadership and personal development to drive the vision to realization. 



Do you face any of the following dilemmas:

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  • Do you need to maximise the potential in managing a multi-cultural workforce?
  • Is your business steering in the right direction? Assessment of market trends
  • Do you have the right team to move your business forward?
  • How can you maximize the strengths of your team? your key to success is to develop a high performance team?
  • How can you cut cost and generate more profit?
  • How can your organization improve its communication processes?
  • Is inadequate conflict management holding your organization back from achieving its goals?
  • How can employee engagement impact positively shareholder return on investment?

If so then Corporate Coaching solutions may be the answer for your company.


Our corporate coaching programs


Sales effectiveness

The level of success of any business is directly linked to the quality of the sales team and its managers. Sales effectiveness coaching looks at the ways a company can maximize revenue, increase sales volume, and cut costs.

The coaching programs include the following:

• Sales Management Processes and Key Account Management

• Psychology of Success in Sales

• Marketing intelligence driving sales performance

• Use of business analytical tools for sales performance and overall sales management

• Sales Team Building- Building High Performance Sales Team


Productivity optimization

Productivity directly impacts on the success of the organizations. In optimizing productivity, we look at various areas that include determining the critical activities in production, prioritizing of activities and enhancing the skills of the teams involved in the production. In addition, we offer results based training where we coach teams on setting goals, taking responsibility, effective communication techniques, problem-solving techniques, dealing with challenges, time management, optimizing the hard tasks first (eat that frog training), interpersonal skills, planning, and scheduling as well as achieving set targets.


Leadership development solutions

The leadership of any organization gives direction and motivates the teams under them to enhance productivity. They steer the ship and the ship needs direction. Leaders solve the challenges facing the organization with the assistance of their teams and get the business of work done.


Our Leadership development coaching covers:

  • Insight Discovery Psychometric Profiling - a foundamentional self-development and management/leadership chapter
  • Strategic planning and thinking
  • Ethics
  • Self Organization
  • Nurturing Growth
  • Connection and Belonging
  • Innovation
  • Goal setting and goal achievement
  • Creating a good workplace for all the workers
  • Motivation
  • Delegation
  • Being a manager, coach, and confidant


Behavioral assessment coaching

behavioural assessment for employees

The managers need to have tools and skills to analyze business performance as well as its

alignment to the company culture and employee engagement. The coaching provides insight and tools into leveraging unique behaviors towards achieving the business success. 



Financial assessment coaching

The financial standing of any business is the yardstick for determining its health and its future. We provide businesses with the right tools to measure and report on the financial standing of the business so that informed steps can be taken.

These tools include;

  • Assist you in benchmarking to help measure your company’s performance with industry-wide metrics
  • Assist non-financial managers in developing meaningful financial insights into decision making using financial information..this form of coaching has proved to be ground breaking in previous organization that we have coached (testimonials/references available).
  • Projections report where 5-10 year projections are made according to the past financial records such as cash flow, income statement, and industry analysis among others
  • Coaching for non-financial managers/ technical teams etc. impacts the business with appropriate industry tools and caters for developments in skillset for key employees. This empowers the business to make informed decisions and actions, with the potential to deliver huge returns on investment.