Coaching for performance

Coaching for performance provides intervention for managers and team members to develop their individual and team potential; The program is designed to develop and maximize the manager’s coaching skills by enabling them to have a thorough understanding of the best practices in coaching and develop a clear strategy to lead their teams.


why managing employee and team performance matters:

business coaching for performance


  • The middle-level managers are at the heart of the performance of any organization.

  •  Statistically, they are also responsible for managing and developing over 80 percent of the workforce.

  • aving a cadre of middle managers that are able to encourage and motivate every one that works under them and improve the performance can be of great impact to your company.


ABout the program - benefits of business coaching for performance:

We have built our program based on best practice along with our experiences of working with different leaders across major industry sector. The coaching for performance program takes the participants on a journey packed with experiential activities and thorough learning of practical methods to facilitate individual and team performance results.


The learning phase

In the first part of the program, the managers are in troduce to key performance concepts through a series of presentations, videos and self-reflection activities. They also go through a variety of materials and examples of applied learning methods are used to assist the manager to coach improved performance in their departments. The learning outcomes also provide valuableconcepts that they can put into use in their daily activities at the workplace. This phase lays the groundwork for implementing performance techniques at the workplace.


Developing phase

The participants of the program build on the knowledge that they gained during the workshop by applying the practical techniques learned to their organization; this builds confidence and validates the learning from the previous phase of the program. This part of the program is not heavy in theory but designed into much applied learning relating to real situations -practicing, deepening and broadening the managers understanding of the impact that the coaching has on their teams. Much of what was learned earlier is brought to life with practical opportunities. In addition, the facilitators of the program seek feedback from the managers on the likely challenges that they may face in implementing what has been learned and any barriers for implementation.


Activating phase

As the program comes to an end, the managers start on a journey to becoming better at engaging teams in a way each member of the team provides exceptional results.

The managers are empowered to provide mentorship and coaching to the people that report to them thereby spur the growth of the company.

In some cases, there is the need for further training on specific areas where there might be challenges that impede good performance.

Organizations that prepare their managers to coach teams are over 120 percent more likely to manage the company through to stronger business results, 40 percent more likely to develop better individual employee results and 80 percent more likely to double their productivity.

The middle-level/frontline managers are the foundation for any organization; they are key people to be the face of the business for frontline employees and customers. It is critical that they have the skills, attitudes, and willingness to lead their teams towards the common vision of the organization.


why working with us:

This coaching program is ideal for any organization that wants a better return on investment, higher employee retention/engagement, and growth in different facets of the business.


  • Proven record of positive influence of our programs on managers and teams performance

  • Over 15 years of business coaching experience

  • Unique 2143 methodology

  • Flexible coaching delivery methods