Psychometric Profiling

Our unique Insights Discovery personality psychometric profile helps you:

  • understand yourself and others
  • gain an insight into yourself and your colleagues
  • uncover meaning in preferences and behaviour.


Learn to adapt and connect with others to create strong and effective business relationships
Develop effective team building using the principles of Insights Discovery.

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How the Insights Discovery personality test works


Simple four colour model to understand an individual’s unique preferences.


We measure these preferences based on responses to a short online evaluator. One of the outputs is a 20 page personality profile, which identifies strengths and areas for development. Insights Discovery has its origins in the work of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. It is continually validated by and refined to ensure it is always accurate and deeply insightful.


How your organization will benefit from the psychometric personality test:

personality colours in business communication

Once the employees know their personal abilities and traits related to their career, they embark on a journey of self-understanding. Each individual can examine ways of personal and professional improvement, both personally and professionally with an in-depth personal profile that is unique to his or her own traits.

As a company, enrolling in this program helps propel the organization.



Here are few of the potential benefits for your business:

  • It helps the employees understand their working style and how such as style impacts on the ability of others within the organization to perform
  • It help form the basis of a Communications Program (or multicultural diversity program - so managing and communicating in a multi-cultural diverse team)
  • Enable workers to develop their interpersonal skills, become more self-aware
  • Improve the effectiveness and performance of a team (this will become the starting point for a team Building and effectiveness Program)
  • Assist employees in their personal development, next career move (it can form the basis of a Leadership Development Program)
  • Lay the foundation for the development of a highly effective and productive sales team (there is a Sales Chapter included in the overall profile report)
  • Create a team environment that is more positive and productive
  • Stretch potential new hires at the last stage of selection

Psychometric personality profiling in recruitment and talent development

Accredited Psychometric Profiling offers practical advice on ways of reaching employees' maximum potential. The process of psychometric testing can add significant value add to the internal engagement process:

  • during the final stages of the recruitment process (especially in the last stages of selection)
  • when seeking to promote the staff members
  • identify high potentials within the business
  • developing leadership and team effectiveness
  • ensuring that your employees’ job positions align to their personal traits and abilities.
  • develping a highly performing team and increasing staff engagement

we now offer psychometric testing online

psychometric test online for business no matter where your organization is located in the world - we can still help you solve the biggest HR challenges! 

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