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Over the many years of coaching and mentoring senior executives and managers, in our experience, it is rare to find anyone who has been successful in whatever career or in life, politics, sport, the arts, entrepreneurship, you name it...who has not had someone, at some time in the past, or still, been an influence on their lives. 


Of course, this may have been both positive and negative at the time, however, the lessons have enabled them to become the person that they are today.

Everyone should have a coach
— Bill Gates
executive coaching for personal and business sucess

Equally, we have concluded that success is almost always on the far side of the mountain of failure, so despite what you might think, failure must happen for success to occur. In other words, failure is part of the journey of discovery and, despite being counterintuitive, the more you fail, the greater is your chance of success!

Every year the Academy Awards come along. Unless you are an avid fan, one may not easily recall famous winner from the past; but one can always remember the person, the teacher, the friend who gave you that piece of advice, put the arm around the shoulder, the sports coach, the business mentor or consultant or trusted adviser who was able to take a sensei* approach and nudge you in the right direction with a sage like piece of insight.

Leadership, business and executive coaches can be that person for you.


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