Team Effectiveness - 6 Ways to Improved Leadership and Manage a Team Effectively

Effective management of a team

effective management of a team

Effective management of a team - or business, for that matter - isn’t always a walk in the park.

Well, managing an effective team shouldn’t be an arduous task. While it is not easy, it isn’t rocket science either. But does need Today, I have rounded up a comprehensive list of tried-and-true ways to achieve high team effectiveness, congruence and performance.

But First ... what Is Team Effectiveness

Remember the cliche saying that “two heads are better than one?” Well, the old-age adage still holds to this date. Also called group effectiveness, team effectiveness is an organizational terminology that denotes the capacity a team has to achieve set organizational objectives and goals. In essence, a team is a group of employees/people who typically share responsibility for the results and regard themselves as an operational unit.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Hire the Right Person

The effectiveness of a team depends largely, if not wholly, on the constituent members. That is why hiring the right talent is the single most important factor that contributes to an organization’s success. Not only will the right team member, with positive attitudes bring particular knowledge base or skill set to the table, but will also be an invaluable addition to steering forward the company’s values, vision, and mission. For one, it’s tremendously important to infuse the values and vision of the company in the hiring process.

Even better, it’s paramount to let potential teammates be part of the interview. This way, the members can assess the candidate’s compatibility. It has also been established that talents who click with other team member are easy to retain and offer better innovation.

Focus on Commitment

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When forging great team-work, it pays to use organization’s values and vision to build employee commitment. Although a clear and competitive business strategy and plan are crucial, encouraging a company culture that rewards dedication and innovation will make process effortlessly easy. Acknowledge members who actually go the extra mile to create and implement novice ideas. Clarity in communication is the key here. Make the members feel valued and cared for; it goes a long way towards building dedication and commitment.

Delegate, Delegate, Delegate

Again, making team members feel valued and care for is essential in building a tight and capable team. So, let the team get involved in managing resources; it allows you to instill a spirit of belonging and collaboration. Besides, individual members are well-equipped and knowledgeable in their field. Don’t give a cold ear to the members. If they want to change a few company’s priorities and they have concrete reasons to back up their rationale, well and good. Listen to your team out.

Encourage Innovation

It’s no secret that innovative organizations always stay ahead of the curve and enjoy higher productivity. Indeed, the most successful companies always remain innovative and flexible, building on current key successes without overbearing on their teams. The work environment should encourage employees to be creative, instilling their innermost and basest feelings. Encourage working smarter, not harder. In fact, team leaders should give freedom to members to work when they are most productive.

Lead the Way

Innovation and creativity are typically products of sheer inspiration and honest leadership. That’s why effective teams need to be steered by people who go beyond balancing books and creating schedules. Leaders need to be able to harness individual's’ strengths to builder stronger and more robust teamwork.

Team leaders must have clear vision, strategies, and goals. And the team members should not have any ambiguity about them. The said plans should be well-organized, systematized, and planned.

Team Leaders Must Be Patient

Once presented with goals and objectives, not all teams rev up at 100% efficiency overnight. It takes a little time and investment on your side. Support and coaching is critical to motivate and encourage delivery of results.


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