Sales Coaching Series, Part 15: Being more aware of things that influence buyers!

Hi there...we’re back!

So, what new year sales resolutions and goals have you set for the coming year? Courageous and successful people in my view, generally set stretchy goals for themselves, goals that are specific and measurable…and where there is no hiding from them.

They also write them down and look at them almost all of the time to remind themselves of their personal commitments. They also set pretty precise deadlines.

Have your goals been set out for this year and do they meet these criteria? Respectfully suggest that if you haven't, do it now! No, not later...Do it NOW!

So, take that piece of paper and start writing…NOW!! Don’t read on until you have at least taken out a piece of paper and titled it "My Sales Goals" this year. Now sign it and date it at the bottom and complete it…best NOW or if not now...ok, before shut-eye today.

I listened to a goal setting Vlog last week, urging me to write down my goals. As a result, I was also encouraged to write a very kind and motivational letter to my favourite person.

Who is that you might ask? Of course, ME!


So I put pen to paper. Didn't take long. Just a few sheets of paper out of the photocopier, took a pen and started writing. "Dear Billy, blah blah blah". I signed it and dated it. It ran into three pages and in it, I was congratulating myself on all I achieved during the year, what decisions I had taken, what prospects I had approached, what sales I had won, describing what existing clients and new prospects I had converted and so on.

Of course, it was all a work of fiction, my imagination running wild. Yes, you could describe them as really BIG dreams and goals; however, the more I committed my thoughts to paper, the more REAL, the goals became. Honestly!

B.H.A.G. is what? Big, hairy, audacious goals! What's your BHAG?

Oh yes…I also wrote a post-dated cheque for a very high and scary sum that I plan to cash this time next year. Heard that technique from reading about Jim Carrey's madcap acting career. He explains that he once wrote a cheque for $10m to himself way back in time, kept looking at it and promised himself, one day, he would cash it!

He did…and it did not bounce!

Speaking of bouncing, I always liken the visualisation of goals to the high jumpers at the Olympics. There they stand, 40 or 50 m away from the high jump...lean and long legged, urging the crowd to clap along with their movements. They are visualising every step... "boing-boing-boing-boing-boing and... over the high jump" as their heads bob up and down and imagining themselves floating over this unimaginably high bar.

It is the same with your goals. Close your eyes. Picture yourself as you go through the gates of the calendar year, celebrating next New Year and looking back on what you achieved in the past 12 months. No point in thinking about these lovely dreams unless you have made a clenched fist, with a feeling of determination and dedication welling up…seeing yourself "as if". "As if" what? As if you've already achieved it. Get the feeling! Get the emotion! Get the images hardwired into your subconscious!


Now we are getting places.

Do you believe in the power of visualisation, imagination, affirmation, verbalisation and the like. I do. 100%! I think it was Einstein who said that imagination is more powerful than fact. If he said it, who am I to dispute!

So, come on, spend some time on this exercise and have a pen and paper to hand. I love mind maps. They are such a powerful tool when you are mind storming these thoughts. 


So, where do we start this year? One of the first actions I would recommend you do is to go back to my previous dozen or so blogs and re-read them over the next week. Great revision I promise; it will not take long for you to get back into the swing and be ready for the next batch of blogs.

I'm excited to be bringing these ideas to your and assure you they will be highly beneficial in your sales efforts; however, you need to have a solid foundation to kick on to the next level and these recent blogs will put in that foundation for you. Guaranteed!

Best of luck and see you next week!

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