Sales Coaching Series, Part 4: You become what you think about most of the time!

I once heard it vividly described to me that my subconscious mind behaves like a fool! I was taken aback until I was told that so was everyone else’s!

In other words, no matter what you tell your subconscious, like a fool, it believes it, unquestioning and in full acceptance. This subconscious mind in every one of us has been filled with experiences, good and bad, relationship matters, things that have been said to you whether they were true or not, and often by people whom you have looked up to and believed what they said. Parents, teachers, work colleagues, bosses, sports coaches…the list is endless and if we allow thoughts to enter our subconscious minds that we hold dear to be true, then these are major influencers in how we feel and ultimately act.

There have been numerous research studies and case history on the power of our subconscious. If I keep telling myself, for example, that I am useless at picking up the phone to make appointments with prospective clients, then the next time that I contemplate picking up that telephone, I will find an excuse not to do it and find something else to do instead.

We do this all the time, in one form or another. Why? We have told our subconscious mind that we are not good at a certain activity, despite knowing that this is probably one of the most important things that we need to do in our selling process, yet we sabotage ourselves by not even trying to do that activity.



Here's how it works: you have a thought that comes into your conscious mind like investing time on the telephone to make appointments and connect with future customers. You attempt the first call and your subconscious mind is continually telling you "remember, you are not good at this, John!". It is more than likely that the outcome will be a half-hearted call, poor execution and your subconscious mind giving you the thumbs-up saying "I told you so!".

In other words, you will sow what you reap and get what you expect. Your expectations and beliefs will deliver exactly what was ordered. Even if it does turn out to be positive, you may even dismiss it as being a fluke and the exception to the rule. Your conscious mind might even acknowledge the success and your subconscious in the background whispering "huh, wait till the next time!".

So, everything happens for a reason. As mentioned, it is like sowing and reaping and if you spend your time sowing in the wrong places, chasing after business that probably is not there, wasting time on unimportant activities and filling your day with time wasters, you will reap what you deserve.

Your selling mind is programmed just like your mobile phone, PC, tablet or android. If you have a bug in your IT system, you know, the challenges that it can bring. The solution is to fix it and to bring it to your software solution person, who hopefully will have the answer. However, as humans, when we have a bug in our programme, we often just work harder and do the same thing, in the hope that it will remedy itself; insanity as Einstein once said.

This I've learned about the power of your subconscious in the selling process; if your subconscious mind is filled with negative images, thoughts and perceptions of yourself then there is almost 100% certainty that you will fail in this profession. So, rule number one is to cease expressing negativities about yourself and things that you do not want to be true. Only express positive words about yourself and what you want to be true. Whatever those words you express, your subconscious mind will take them as 100% true, whether they are false or not.

Finally, quick exercise; in the privacy of your own space, list out the things in the selling process that you want to be true about yourself in the future. Repeat them again and again until your subconscious mind gives you the thumbs-up that these are now your beliefs and expectations.

Now start making those calls, get out among the prospects, start dishing out those business cards and see the difference!!

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