Sales Coaching Series, Part 5: People like being sold to by people they like!

Okay, this is a tough one! Another way of looking at the heading is to say that people like buying from people they like. So what is this magic "likeability" factor? It is certainly something you cannot pick up from school or a book, and generally it comes from both nature and nurture.

"How" you do things is more nature. It is your observable behaviour. It is your style, temperament, the way you do things. It is how you communicate, how you relate to others, how you manage others, and in general how people see you behave.


"Why" you do things is more what's been nurtured in you. What is your attitude to money, what motivates you, your success, fame, achievement and your motivation to become what you can become in your life? Some are motivated by beauty, others by tradition, others by altruism and so on. We are all different.

Quick case study on nurture: I once came across a guy who was a pretty good salesman; however, because his motivator was not profit, money and sales figures, he was forever giving away margin in order to get the sale. In other words, he wanted to be known as Mr Nice Guy, and you know what he did in order to achieve that goal? Yes, he continually gave discounts to clients to please them. This was much to the frustration of the sales manager and financial controller as his behaviour caused all sorts of negative ripples across the sales team. They had to let him go, and it was the best decision for the team. Sure, clients objected and other colleagues on the team tried to make the case for him. However, in the long run it was the best decision for the company…short-term pain, long-term gain!

So, nature and nurture are key factors in this likeability factor. In addition to this, one's experiences, learning, skills and competences are also factors. Therefore, every one of us is a heady and unique mixture of these three elements, namely, behaviours (how), attitudes (why) and knowledge/skills (what) we do every day.

So, awareness is the key.

Are you aware of how you come across, personality wise? In other words, do you know what temperament and observable behaviour you demonstrate when you are communicating with others? If you don't, I respectfully suggest that you find out as you will invariably continue to behave in the future in the way that you have always behaved in the past.

People don't change that much! Yes, you may adapt and you may become more confident or less confident, more assertive or less assertive, however, what is in your nature does not change that much, as you grow older. Check it out; if you are still fortunate enough to have parents alive, (and are still on speaking terms with them!), why not ask them? Invariably, they will say that you always behaved like this way or that way...and you have not changed that much!

For more on this subject, why not Google psychometric profiling. It is a fascinating subject. Insights Discovery, is our tool and solution to psychometric profiling and by visiting our website, you can discover more about this topic and the value that it can bring to yourself, personally, or to your wider team.


In the next blog, I will go further into personality profiling and if you are currently or going to be involved in the sales process more in the future, how important it is to be aware of your style, temperament and observable behaviour.

Remember that self awareness gives you control; that of which you are unaware, controls you!

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