Sales Coaching Series, Part 6: 24 things of which you need to be self-aware when selling

In the first five modules coaching blogs, we have concluded on the following key points:

1. Top percentile of sales people are consistently better by only a few percentage points in
critical success factors. You need to know what your critical success factors are. See here.

2. You must take a benevolent view of the world, in other words, believing that the world of
sales is conspiring to do you good. See here.

3. Understand the Pareto Principle. It works in every aspect of your life, not the least in sales. See here.

4. Fill your mind with images of yourself being successful in sales, never again expressing
negativities about yourself, only expressing positive words that your subconscious mind will
pick up as "gospel". See here.

5. Be aware of your personality style and how you come across. Your observable behaviour and
temperament are key ingredients in your sales success. See here.

In the next parts of our sales coaching series, we will examine the following list of skills and
competencies in more detail.

For the moment, why not score yourself out of 10, 1 being very poor, 5 average and 10 being

Then, circle the ones that you need to work on and simply work on them! No procrastination, no self-doubt, no excuses… Just Do It!


A. Pre-sales questions:

1. How good are you at researching your prospects? Your Score:

2. How good are you at building trust with prospects? Your Score:

3. How competent are you at setting clear objectives with each sales call? Your Score:

4. How good are you at seeking and securing appointments with new prospects? Your Score:


B. Questions on your ability to identify clients needs?

1. How well do you listen? Your Score:

2. How good are you at questioning? Your Score:

3. How encouraging are you with prospects, do you "sell the sizzle"? Your Score:

4. How well do you spot opportunities when discussing with prospects/clients? Your Score:


C. Coming up with proposals:

1. How relevant and focused are your proposal? Your Score:

2. Do you come across as enthusiastic about your product/service? Your Score:

3. Do you show an understanding of the client/prospect needs? Your Score:

4. How organised are you with your proposals and presentations? Your Score:


D. Overcoming objections and resistance:

1. How direct are you with objections? Your Score:

2. Where are you on the scale of persuasiveness? Your Score:

3. How well do you clarify details and specifics when objected to? Your Score:

4. Are you able to directly meet concerns of the prospects/client? Your Score:


E. Closing the deal:

1. Overall how well do you think you close deals? Your Score: 

2. How flexible are you when it comes to bringing prospects over the line? Your Score:

3. How well do you minimise risks for clients or prospects? Your Score:

4. How good are you at really meeting clients needs? Your Score:


F. After sales service:

1. How well are you maintaining contact with clients? Your Score:

2. Do you have a plan to keep in touch with them? Your Score:

3. How well do you maintain the relationship? Your Score:

4. Do you go back and regularly visits clients to develop the account? Your Score:



So, have fun with this, be honest and keep in touch with our blog.

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